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Feb 7th, 2024, Ashvem Beach, Goa

Sitara Acoustic Set


SITARA feierte ihre Debut EP mit einem Konzert im legendären Blue Shell in Köln.

Der Laden war voll, die Stimmung glühte und es war ein fulminanter Auftakt in eine neue Live- Ära von SITARA. 

Unterstützt wurde sie von ROTOSKOP (electronics & guitar) und Michael Schäfers am Bass.

Das eineinhalbstündige Live - Set beinhaltete die Songs der EP und Singles von 2023, aber auch ein paar neue Songs, die erst 2024 veröffentlicht werden.


Musikblog (Auszug)

Indietronic-Künstlerin Sitara veröffentlicht mit „Marathon Girl“ heute eine düstere, elektronische EP – mit der die Kölnerin ihr musikalisches Debüt feiert.

... Denn die sieben Songs auf „Marathon Girl“ laden förmlich dazu ein, auf der Tanzfläche nach Lust und Laune den Alltag hinter sich zu lassen und in die außerirdische Sitara-Welt abzutauchen.

Die Musik fühlt sich an, als stamme sie aus einer Traumwelt, in der alles eine Spur düsterer und intensiver erlebt wird und in der jeglichen Emotionen, so wirr sie auch sein mögen, Raum gegeben werden kann.

EP Release Konzert_SITARA_Blue Shell


Release September 15th 2023

About the focustrack "Marathon Girl":


SITARA, the indietronic producer hailing from Cologne, along with co-producer Henning Schmitz, has breath new life into her previously released single "Marathon Girl," giving it a refreshing new makeover. The song combines funky Garage-Pop with dance elements and stands out with its empowerment message that is both fun and uplifting.


In the lyrics, SITARA sings about life in the rat race, emphasizing the importance of not letting oneself be disrupted by challenges and criticisms ("sticks and stones"), but instead, encourages one to keep getting back up and pressing forward.

About the EP "Marathon Girl":

SITARA creates a fetchy sound that gently embraces you and yet encourages you to dance. An intoxicating flow of trip-hop and electronica elements is reminiscent of The Notwist and Moloko, but also Paula and Quarks. Her brother Pawas (DJ/producer), electronic artist Rotoskop and Henning Schmitz (music engineer) played a key role in the creation of the EP. Some songs are over 10 years old and were redesigned for the release. 

Discover the sensual in the senseless.

SITARA sings and composes because she has the inevitable urge to play with words and transform them into a snapshot of the moment. What is a small thought today can evolve into a strong statement tomorrow. She wants to keep the freedom to change her mind.

She feels that everything is relative and that there is not the one and only truth for everyone. What SITARA is really missing is sensuality. She doesn't want to babble, she wants to feel.

“I don't have to constantly make philosophical or socially relevant statements, just to have permission to go public. For me it's more about my joy to feel the music and share these vibes."

SITARA Marathon Girl

Tracklist EP:
1. Marathon Girl
2. Let Go And Control (Maxi Version)
3. Surrender
4. Unchain (Monotone Mix)
5. Silent Snapper
6. Partout
7. Let Go And Control (Rotoskop Remix)



Release September 1st 2023

Electronic rock artist and producer Rotoskop, known for his own dynamic tracks and remixes for artists such as Sono or De/Vision, has collaborated again with Cologne-based indietronic artist Sitara to create the new song titled ‘Unchain’.


This track is a pulsating electro powerhouse characterized by sharp guitars, trance-inducing textures, and hypnotic percussion. The song exudes an extraordinary amount of energy, particularly evident during live performances.



Release July 7th 2023

When Alex Drift heard the original “Just in Time” by Sitara & Pawas, he immediately thought of an 80s synth wave vibe due to the extraordinary timbre of her vocals.


The result is a catchy, laid-back, retro-charming synth-pop number that works just as well on the train or in the car as it does while chilling by the pool.

Just in Time_Remix
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